Desarrollo e Integración de Sistemas Software
Desarrollo e Integración de Sistemas Software

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Software Systems Development and Integration Services

Software Systems Development and Integration in development teams using multiple technologies and platforms with different objectives.

Desarrollo de software de Adquisición y análisis de datos
Data Acquisition and Analysis
Desarrollo de software, control de inspección
Inspection Control Systems
Desarrollo de Aplicaciones web y móvil
Web, mobile and desktop Applications
Desarrollo de Servicios Servicios devops
DevOp Services (Azure, AWS, …)
Desarrollo de Servicios de Machine Vision
Machine vision
Desarrollo de Sistemas IIOT
IIoT Systems
Desarrollo, mantenimiento y evolución de aplicaciones
Applications Maintenance and Evolution

SOFTCRITS makes its software development team available to its clients in different ways:

Desarrollo de software como servicio
Software Development as a Service:

We develop applications and software products from scratch for our customers. Based on your ideas and needs, we offer a comprehensive solution, covering the entire development cycle from the collection of requirements, design, implementation and production of the solution.

Integración en equipos de desarrollo
Integration in Development Teams:

The SOFTCRITS development team is composed of a highly qualified staff, who can be integrated into the development teams of our clients to enhance their capabilities, providing value to your solutions.

Mantenimiento y evolución de software
Software Maintenance and Evolution:

SOFTCRITS offers the possibility of maintaining and evolving the software developed by its clients, providing a new point of view and optimizing the necessary resources for it.

Our technologies

.NET Framework/ .NET Core :

Embedded Systems

Web Development – Front-end

Programming Languages:

Web Development – Back-end

Mobile Applications